Where have all the Women gone??

Why are there no long standing groups for women to connect and feel safe?? 

In every time and place, there have always been Woman of Power 

in tune with something deep inside that calls them to gather. 
Sisters, daughters, mothers and grammies. 

Birthing, bleeding, healing and deathing together.  

There have always been these women. 

The Sisters before us built whole societies that cherished and respected each other, 
where women were honored for their unique power and abilities. 
Linking arms and carrying the load of feminine life. 
Women are the life-makers, 
care givers, midwives, 
wisdom keepers, lovers and healers. 
It is time for this Sisterhood to return 
from the shadows of history to touch this aching and thirsty earth. 
Women of power, women of wisdom, 
Welcome Home!! 
You are an eternal, sovereign being. 
Your spirit is a Noble Queen. 
It's time to find her and bring her to the fore. 

You have come here for a reason 
with a special gift for this world. 
Now is your time to embody 
the fierce love and beauty that the women around us all  

are so desperately crying out for. 
Calling each of us to come together, connect and share. 
We will help you remember to live your  

life as a blessing and enjoy every minute of it! 

Sisterhood Of The Seven has been born of a desire to bring women together.  

TRULY together.  

In a way that we dreamed of when we were small girls, playing and make-believing.  

Our family of sisters will hear you, see you and VALUE you. 

Just as you are. 

No judgment, no fear, no hidden agenda...  

The sacred space created here is one of Unconditional Presence and acceptance  

with a ZERO tolerance policy for BS... That I can assure you sis ;) 

Each retreat and/or online experience is a unique expression of the beauty and wonder that life has to offer, with a hint of guidance and inspiration. All that is asked of you is an open heart, curious mind and a loving nature. 


We understand that the time and space to escape from the hustle and bustle 

of life can be in limited supply, which is why we will be hosting all of our events (for the present time) online! Either here on our website, or on one of our many social media accounts.  

We’re sure creating something beautiful here, because once you have joined the Sisterhood, 

you will have found your forever home :) 

Facts & Figures

In Numbers


Women feel Alone and Isollated

Women today, more then ever, are feeling alone and isolated.


Women are Unhappy with their bodies.

The results being 54 percent of women ages 18 to 40 are unhappy with their body, a 13 percent jump from 1984, and 80 percent of women admitted the mirror makes them feel bad. Men, too, are unhappy with their body 33 percent of the time, but women internalize this much worse. Case and point: Success at work is the leading cause of happiness for men, while losing weight still stubbornly holds the number one spot for women.


More Likely

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology , women with early-stage breast cancer were four times more likely to die from cancer if they didn't have very many friends. Those with a larger group of friends with early-stage breast cancer had a much better survival rate.


Of Women apologize for their periods or

menstrual cycle

Menstrual taboos exist throughout most religions and countries — restricting women from working, cooking, having sex, bathing, worshipping, eating certain foods and even being buried for fear of impurity, according to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.

What We Do

Why we are here:


Self-Awareness Journey (online courses)

Discovering who we are can be an intimidating mountain to climb. Luckily, the Sisterhood has created self-paced courses to guide you through the steps to getting into the body to find the soul.

Take Me There
Natural Beauty

Community of Sisters (Online groups & forums)

Our Sisterhood helps create the time and space needed for self-reflection and deep understanding. 

Become a Sister
Shaping Glass

DIY (Projects & Shared Interests Group)

Thurs-DIY is the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on what is most important, the here and now. These physical tasks and projects provide the permission we need to escape the constant stimulation of modern life.

Girls Playing with Cosmetics

Playdates (On-Location Retreats & workshops)

Someday soon, we hope to meet all of you in person. Tackling our bucket list travel and adventure goals together as a tribe! 

“I love my husband, but it is nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands you. I grow so much from those conversations.”