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Hi :) My name is Bree, I’m 31 and live in Flagler Beach, Florida with my beautiful nine month old daughter, little sister and partner. I grew up in a Christian cult led by my father in Oregon until I got kicked to the curb at 17 for sex before marriage. I went from cult life to street kid life, became a drug runner, was even homeless at one time and partied my face off. Life here has been quite a journey! I started dabbling in witchcraft at 23 after I was told by a kind witch and medium that my migraines were a result of a very open third eye and being an unprotected empath. I’ve been a witch for about eight years now but have only become serious with my craft in the past three years. Before I became a mommy, I was a full time touring recording artist in my own three piece rocknroll band fronted by me and my Gibson Flying V guitar. We did really well in the U.K. until I became extremely depressed while on tour in 2016. My lifelong dream became my nightmare as my schedule was so grueling, I felt disconnected from my fans (felt so shallow!) and couldn’t stand being treated like I was any better than anyone else. I missed my family and my schedule was so packed I had no days off and no time to write new music or connect with people at shows, all while being badly pressured by our label to create a third record and be skinnier. My passion for my art started dwindling and the pressure of it all hurt me so deeply! I began to drink myself into oblivion, in hopes it would slowly kill me so I wouldn’t have to hurt my friends and family by committing suicide. When my management team sat me down and told me I was ten months away from being a household name in rocknroll, I knew if I wanted to live to see 27 I had to quit - so I did. After years of therapy and self healing, I’m doing so much better, in a better environment and finally growing into the woman I’ve always wanted to become! I have so much to learn, and I’m hoping to meet like-minded individuals on here so we can hold each other up and help walk each other home. 🥰

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