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? If there's a problem with that, maybe it could be a good fit for a new medium. It's very interactive and can work well on the desktop browser. Here's a version with all the customization options (use the mouse to see what you can adjust: [ tool...]( canvas-developers-the-ultimate-version/)) ~~~ jameshart Not sure why you've got domain but just in case anyone else was planning to use this, you can just use a link (or any other shortener tool) and it will redirect to the right URL... or add your own subdomain and push all your social network login/sign-in stuff etc. to that subdomain if you want. (You don't need domain to post to HN but you do need a valid domain.) tormeh Yup, I should have mentioned. I am unsure if this has been changed recently or not, but some domains get suspended if they are only used for HN. (I think supports it) kalleboo I think's user agreement still says they can be suspended ------ Overtonwindow So what is this? I googled it and I can only find very brief information. concerned_user wonder what could be done with that, very nicely written We've been working on a similar concept, but one built on another canvas- based application platform. The idea is that a data-driven, workflow-oriented app is more productive than a document-based one. In order to achieve this, we've built a web application framework that looks like a bit like the canonical HTML view/model/controller tutorial. The idea is that you start with a collection of data, you define a workflow to modify



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